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Photographs of people and places in your family’s past are an important part of your family record. By having new images of your originals
created now, you can do your part to preserve these fading memories and help the next generation imagine their family in years gone by.

You and your family will treasure new custom-printed photographs restored from your favorite old family photos. We understand how important
your old photographs are to you, and we treat them accordingly: we copy them with great care on our premises, so your originals never leave
our studio. Even if your originals are torn, cracked, faded or stained, Cydonia Studios can usually restore the damaged areas on the new prints.

We also can add finishing touches to the copy photo such as vintage sepia brown tone or a delicate color tint to an old black and white photo to
create a new treasured family heirloom. It is very affordable so this time everyone in the family can get a copy!
Complete Restoration:

Background: Plain or same background (we remove background, cracks, stains or objects and
figures, add studio background or keep the same background, restore and clean, etc.)

Clothing: Remove cracks and spots on suit,  tie, blouses, shoes, etc.

Features: Completely restore face or faces (remove cracks and spots, etc.)

Complete Colorizing:

Background: Completely colorize background (we colorize background, landscape, etc.)

Clothing: Completely colorize clothing (we can colorize suit and tie or blouses, shoes, etc.)

Features: Completely colorize face or faces (Include color photos, if you can, for us to match
skin tones)

Most images
$39.95 an hour ( some images require extra attention 3 hour average )

Prices for additional prints:

Only $10.00 for each additional sheet
One 8x10 = 1 sheet
Two 5x7's = 1 sheet
Four 3x5's = 1 sheet
Nine wallets = 1 sheet
Sixteen mini-wallets = 1 sheet
One 5x7 & four wallets = 1 sheet
Cydonia Studios Photography  ©  2011 All Rights Reserved.  Unauthorized reproduction prohibited by law.
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